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You must normally find on this site the main elements to allow you to select your stay. We will answer in addition with pleasure all the additional questions which you could put.
         With  these  elements, HOW TO RESERVE?
First step :  Please, contact us first by phone, mail, e-mail or fax to check the vacancy of the studio for the period.
                 If you want to start the booking process, tell us please second your wishes for the stay ( dates, number of people, address, payment way selected for the deposit...etc). These informations can be filled directly in the hereunder booking form.                 
Second step :   Confirm your reservation and send the booking deposit.

1 - Current method
You turn over us, duly signed, the contract that we forwarded to you, and you regulate the amount of the down payments by the means which we agreed together:       credit card on line
                    credit transfert
                    mandat, european or international mandat
                    cheque ( only from french bank )
 2 - On line processes
You confirm directly your request
filling the form beside ( clic on the plane ) and
sending it on line
We acknowlege receipt by e-mail with an attached contract and with eventually a web link for the on line payment if you want to pay by credit card.
          Booking form link
DEPOSIT      25 % of the total amount. It confirms the reservation 
  ( Please, note: No extra charge for every payment in local currency ).
Payment with foreign currencies:  used rate = current rate of the BANQUE DE FRANCE on the day  + 5% for cashing in.
Paiement with a credit card ( via PayPal ) :  Free of charge for a booking.        
                                                                                                                 Some infos about PayPAL    

This booking request doesn't engage you. It just starts the bid process, sending to you a renting offer (lease agreement proposal), with deadline for acceptance . Model forms (Lease agreement and   Studio description ): HERE

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