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THE STUDIOS - Prices & terms
Prices   Lou Magnan  Roquemaure
1 - A week                 ( saturday  2  p.m  - saturday  10 a.m )
1 week - 1 double   Syrah Cinsault Mourvèdre
High season (july & agust) 450€ 465€ 480€
Middle season(april-may-september) 370€ 385€ 395€
Low season (october to march) 320€ 335€ 367€
1 Supplementary single bed , a week : + 70 €
2nd week : - 5 %          3rd week and following ones : - 10 %
2 - A night                      ( 2 p.m    - 10  a.m the next day  )
1 night - 1 double ( Minimum 3 nights ) Syrah Cinsault Mourvèdre
High season  ( july  &  agust  )  * 77€ 79€ 82€
Middle season  ( april-may-september  )  * 74€ 76€ 78€
Low season  (  october  to  march )  * 65€ 67€ 69€

1 Supplementary single bed, a night : + 12 € 

3 - A month   ( on request )
All possibilities, depending of the vacancies. Please, contact us directly

*  :  accurate dates of each  season are notified on the vacancies diary page.

Booking  deposit : ( about 20 to 25% depending of period  )
         Any studio          High  season : 105 €/ week  or  17 €/ day
                                        Middle season : 85 €/ week  or  15 €/ day  

                              Low  season : 75 €/ week  or  13 €/ day     
Additional Charges for special payments :
- Payment with foreign currencies ( other than euro ) :
+ 4 to 5% ( depending the currency ) on the amount in euros before X by BF rate exchange
- Payment with credit card  :
  0 %  for  deposit payment ( when booking )
  + 3,4 %  for  any other payment

Available payment processes ( look details on General terms )
France : Cheques - Bank transfer - Mandates - Credit cards - PayPlug - Cash
Euro area + Switzerland :
Bank transfer - Mandates - Credit cards - PayPlug - Cash
Others countries : International mandates - Credit cards - PayPug - Cash
CC/PayPal : We will send a link on an e-mail with the accurate amount to pay
This payment is possible for you with credit card with or without PayPal account

Payment return process in case of cancelling
The booking deposit part due will be returned to you :
-By cheque for France
- Or for foreign parts : By Bank transfer or Mandates ( bank costs deducted) or via Paypal
( excluding any other escrow or intermediate organism )

Please, note: The amount will be send after the real and definitive cashing of your initial payment . Depending of the banks,  this process can take from 1 month for cheques
to 2 months for credit card payments


General terms of hiring
The lodgings Lou Magnan are declared  "meublés de tourisme" ( furnished appartments for tourism ) at the departemental administration of Gard. They aim the "Clévacances" label. This offers to you a guarantee of quality and a possibility of recourse in case of problem. In the opposite, this obliges you and us, to respect some formalities.We will endeavour, our side, to make them as least unpleasent as possible.
The whole of our General terms of Hiring, which you will find at the back of our leasing agreement is the legal text of application,  inspired by the "Clévacances" general conditions.  This present text is just here for  complementary information
The terms were especially established for stays at the week, vocation principal of our lodgings. 
Difference between "GITE" ( self-catering holidays accomodation )
and "CHAMBRE D'HÔTES ( Bed and  Breakfast ),  in France

Essentially  2 points:
1- Providing or not providing some of the 4 regulated services below:
- Supply of the breakfast
- Cleaning of the studio, in progress or fine of stay
- Supply of household linen
- Reception of the guests
 The french regulation is strict about that  and does't allow to offer more than 2 of these 4 services in order to remain within the framework known as "furnished tourism appartments" (and their special taxation). Lou Magnan has choosen to provide the 2 services hereunder:
- Reception of the guests ( on arrival and departure)
- Supply the household linen (such as defined in our contract and inventory of fixtures)
So, we can't provide : - The breakfast ( and obviously the others meals )
                                       - The cleaning of the appartment
Lou Magnan, can however help you  for these the last two services  putting you in touch with qualified people (for household during the week, delivery of plates meal and so one…)

2 - Specific structure of  a self-catering accomodation vs B&B :
By another way,  the structure of  a self-catering accomodation offers:
- A complete equipment allowing cooking and  taking meals .
- According to the level of equipment, the possibility of carrying out oneself some spots of maintenance (washing of the linen, sharpening…)
- A total freedom , unconstrained of access or schedule, exactly as for a hiring at the year.
Please look special sheet for process booking 
For   week(s) or month(s)  , the reservations can be done by mail, e-mail, on line on this site, and  of course on the spot...Any time.
For the nights ( less than 3 ) : sometime ( during july or august  for instance )we are not able to offer  booking  more than 1 week before for 1 or 2 nights .So,  ask in the week for the week on summer time... Sorry .
For weeks, the hirings run from Saturday 14 H to Saturday following 10:00
The nights also run from 14:00 to 10:00 the following day in order to form part of the monthly or weekly rates/rhythms
The hirings for  the month  go from the 1st day 14:00 day to the same day  the next month 10:00. (The possible problems of connection in beginning and end of the month with already reserved weeks or overlappings between seasons, will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis).
Envisage please:
1 - To present an indentity card or a passport
2 - The deposit of the amount of guarantee  specified on the leasing agreement at the heading deposit

3 - The total payment of the hiring to fall, made deduction of the down payments poured with the reservation
(*) For the foreign tenants, the amounts will be payed  in cash or by credit card via PayPal on your laptop ( if you are provided with ), or  through our own PC if  you want.
When arriving:  Feel you free to check yourself  the inventory of fixtures and the good running of the equipment. Do this however, as soon you arrive, and at least in  the first half-day * (If you wish of course,  this operation can be made in our presence).
You will find on the dinning table  a list of the equipment and ustensils. Thank you to affix  your signature preceded by the mention `'correct State, nothing to report" with the date, if you don't  find problem. In the opposite case, please warn us.
* At the end of this period, the list of inventory of fixtures will be accepted by default "as  is" and without remark by the tenant, in good state.
Daily hiring:
For less than 3 nights hired  the deposit won't  be required.
Please, envisage in compensation in that case to leave an identity paper or a passport, which will be returned to you when you'll leave.
The price includes
-Privative using  of the studio for the period  with all the equipment and ustensils mentioned on the appendix "Inventory fixtures" you will find on your arrival ( list we can send to you if needed ).
- One carpark place  in  the interior court  of the house.

It does not include the others consumable matters:
Products of cleaning, sponges, soap…
Paper WC, Sopalin….Detergents … etc…
The products you will find eventually in the cupboards on your arrival, are there either because dropped voluntary  by your hosts, or because they were left by the previous tenant. You have to provide again if nedeed
(*) On your order,  in the event of prolonged duration, a renewal of the linen can be carried out (see contract) with extra charge
According to the kind of animal, they can be accepted. This, only with our express   agreement ( written ). Anyway, the master remains in  all cases enterely responsible for the animal.
Because of the cohabitation with the other tenants in shared spaces (court, carpark) we are not be however able to accept the dogs of category 1 and 2. ( Pitbulls, Rotweillers...)
smoking  :
Our studios can't receive" inside smokers" .  We apologize about that 
The studio must be released at 10:00 the day of the departure in order to allow its preparation for the following tenant. (With our agreement, this rule could be softened of some of hours if no tenant succeeds you)
He will be restored in a perfect state of cleanliness and of course with all the equipment, furniture and ustensils, accepted on the inventory of fixtures on arrival.
From  9:00 you can call your host or his representative to carry out the checking of the inventory of fixtures. This visit must be done obligatorily in the presence of the two parts in accordance with the conditions of Clévacances. It will be the subject of a signature of the document of inventory of fixtures.
Special remark about household :
The studio is normally delivered in a perfect state of cleanliness, and the tenant who will follow to you must find the same state of cleanliness. Cleaning at the end of the stay thus, remains at the load of the tenants.
If a complementary intervention might be necessary, we should unfortunately retain a flat-rate amount to us (currently of 20 €) on the deposit. This sum corresponds to the remuneration of the person who will carry out cleaning.
The tenant leaving the places thus can:
- To carry out or make carry out cleaning .
- To voluntarily arriving leave  the sum in payment to free itself from work
- To accept a puncture on the deposit in the event of litigation
(in all the cases against handing-over under  fifteen days a copy the cheque employment-service established in the name of the person having carried out work)

Particular case of the Wee-kend of the San Valentino celebration:
Your place of stay is on the same course of various demonstrations and processions. The access in the car is not possible the Sunday frm 9:00 to approximately 19:00 the evening. Of course  you will be able this day to leave there the studio only at the end-of-day, with the release of the access

- cheques, which will be drawn obligatorily from a French bank. The payment by cheque is of course especially used by the French customers, but can be used also by any tenant  having an bank account in France.
- bank transfer.  We will forward to you all our coordinates with codes BIC and IBAN if you choose this  payment process.
- Mandates.  Addressed to M. P GLEYZES 15 Bd National - 30150 ROQUEMAURE -   France
- Paypal directly  account to account,  of course if you have this type of account
- Credit  card via PayPal. We also use the PayPal network which offers a possibility of payment made safe on line, without obligation to have a PayPal account, with simply an address e-mail and a
- In cash, against handing-over of a receipt
No time of cashing  for  booking process, even for a payment by cheque
For the payment of the hirings,  cheques are accepted subject to cashing. The time of cover which can go up to 3 weeks between different banks, Lou Magnan reserves possibility  to refuse this method of payment in certain particular cases (nights and stays with very short duration selected on the spot for example).
No collection charges is perceived on our side exepté for:
Payments via PayPal other than those carried out with the reservation (+ 4%)
Payments in foreign currencies. (+ 5%).
The tenant has to insure the premises rented . First you have therefore to check with your company  that  your domestic insurance policy  covers holidays accomodation 
. If not, the tenant must apply to the insurance company for an extension of cover, or else take out a special holidays policy.
An insurance certificate must be shown on arrival , or a signed statement from the tenant. 

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